The Bennington Chamber's mission

is to grow local business, educate leaders

and promote the community we live in.

There are many facets to what our organization does to benefit everyone in Bennington, not just business owners. We help to bring in new businesses by improving the downtown district to draw more businesses, sharing the expertise of our membership base with the community and educating the business leaders we currently have to ensure they grow and thrive. We are also instrumental in providing community events for everyone - including this year's Farmer's Market, every year's Bennington Daze Picnic and this year's FOUNDER'S DAY event!

Improving the Historic Downtown District and bringing new life to Bennington so that we can attract and maintain new businesses that benefit the whole community is our current project.

Plans to unify the business district, beautify the streets and create more traffic to all Bennington businesses is just a sample of what we hope to achieve!

Upcoming Events